We deliver experiences that make technologies tangible, more humanised and accessible. Book our Experience Engineers™ to help your business scale-up – they are tech ready, able to troubleshoot and convey complex messages to your key audience.

Our Tech People

Our world leading Experience Engineers™ are tech ready and raring to go on your next campaign – they have already received thorough training on all of the latest tech gear and understand how to convey complex messages to consumers and stakeholders.  Because of our investment into their skills, they are also able to troubleshoot if and when a tech product fails or has a glitch. This means that you reduce any down time and spend more time spreading your message.

Book them on a completely flexible basis for your next launch, event, conference or engagement programme.

Here are six of our Engineers from our pool of 1,200 people.

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ExpEngine _DSC1654_Samantha

What is the best Tech event you have worked at so far?

By far my favourite event was EGX. I love gaming and to now be able to play games with technology such as VR & AR you can physically get into the game and actually feel like you are there! It was incredible! I also like the popularity of esports and live gaming events.


    Why are tech events so popular at the moment?

    I think that brand experiences are a great way to communicate the benefits of a new product to consumers and revive brands to new audiences. I enjoyed working with Sennheiser previously, a brand well known within the headphone market (I own the HD600s and love them) and with plans to launch new Smart home products.

      ExpEngine _DSC1823

      What do you like about tech?

      I've loved tech ever since I was a child, when I used to build computers with my dad. I'm always fascinated by how things work, and I'm blown away daily by how tech finds its way in to so many parts of our lives. It's everywhere, and it's amazing!


        What’s hot right now for you in the tech sector?

        I like to keep up-to-date on all the latest tech products and how they improve our leisure time and help us save time. I’m currently interested in the Bluetooth market and I’m a huge fan of the new wave of wireless Bluetooth headphones. We’ll see what happens with new ways to stream music via the various Bluetooth codecs and MQA.


          What’s your favourite gadget?

          Nothing beats my smartphone. And yes, I'm an Apple man at the moment although the new OnePlus 5 looks really good and it is competitively priced. It’s now not only a device to call, text & stay in touch with your loved ones, we’ve become professional photographers, stock brokers and you can even run a business from the palm of your hand.


            What do you like about working with tech products?

            I like that Tech is constantly evolving and at such a fast pace. It plays a massive part in everybody’s day to day life and I really enjoy being face to face with people to demonstrate products that benefit their learning and enjoyment.