Many of our retail clients want to sweat their space assets in between seasonal bookings and hires. We developed an idea to fill a large 10 x 10m space on their ground floor for a 10-week period before Christmas. The challenge was to create an experience that required very little running and people costs, whilst being impactful and memorable.


Dinosaurs always create curiosity and intrigue, so we transformed the space into a prehistoric zone with props including an animated life-size T-Rex and a baby Triceratops dinosaur. Our people were dressed as intrepid explorers.

We also created a selfie-zone with floor branding where children could take pictures with the dinosaurs, learn about their history and join a fossil excavation workshop.

Our Experience Engineers™ oversaw the installation of the games, encouraged customers to take part and dealt with any tech issues on the day.


  • Activity still live, awaiting ROI and feedback