Intu wanted to move away from their ‘kids Club’ and appeal to a larger audience by launching ‘Family Club’. They knew it would face some criticism so they tasked Experience Engine to come up with an event that would target the whole family and that the whole family would thoroughly enjoyed.


Experience Engine started the ‘Family Club’ with a bang by building an experience zone for gamers so that families could stop and play. Customers had fun playing with the Xbox, PlayStation & Wii and even retro games like Pacman.

Our Experience EngineersTM oversaw the installation of the games, encouraged customers to take part and dealt with any tech issues on the day.


  • Experience Engine created a disruptive and memorable experience to create a point of difference for shoppers to visit into Uxbridge and appeal to a larger audience.
  • 500 new members signed up to the ‘Family Club’ which
    was 80% above target.