We understand how to make places successful through experiences – where consumers want to visit and spend their time and money. For us successful placemaking is about people, communities and providing relevant content that meets your objectives.

Our Place People

Our Experience Engineers™ are fully trained and understand how to create memorable experiences that make places successful and sustainable.

Here are six of our Engineers from our pool of 1,200 people who love working with us and our clients.

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I love fashion and music and believe that they help make a place popular. I loved working at London Fashion week with the British Fashion Council. It was a collaboration between the British Fashion Council and Google that brought to life the creativity, heritage and craftsmanship of British fashion - they created a new digital educational platform featuring content and stories from top British designers.

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    I love that a place can reinvent itself to become current and be enjoyed by new audiences. I like the new Grand Central Station in Birmingham as is has evolved the retail offering in Birmingham and is a place for experiences rather than just retail. They have a carefully planned content calendar and there is always something to do that is fresh and relevant.

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      I love the way it can revitalise and energise new areas and old areas. This could be a derelict building or warehouse that gets reinvented and brings life to the area such as Hornsey, Hayes and Silvertown. It’s massively improved and lit up the whole area.


        I’m pretty traditional and still believe that the South Bank development on the Thames gets it right. It’s a resilient place that has evolved through the years to remain relevant and has attracted world class businesses and restaurants.


          Places are definitely defined by people. The people who greet and welcome you and make the space enjoyable. They can give you information, ideas & inspire you – it’s my job to just make the whole experience memorable.

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            I live in Leeds and London, but I think that in particular Leeds city centre has improved through intelligent placemaking and town planning in recent years. The Trinity Centre is a hotspot for experiential events for tech brands and it’s becoming the new place to meet and enjoy leisure time.