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Word on the street – Events and promotional people are more relevant than ever

Scanning the business news, we see another ‘Unicorn’ announced, another autonomous vehicle launched, another spike in the share price of Amazon and another slur on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

It’s pretty obvious, tech has already woven its way into every part of our lives. Ask Alexa if you don’t believe us!

Promotional Brand Ambassadors and Technology

So, if technology is omnipresent and embedded into our busy lives, why do brands still invest into promotions and promotional brand ambassadors?

We believe that there is a subconscious action taking place when we choose a smartphone, VR headset or the latest online bank app – the role of humanising technology is rooted in two things – trust and loyalty.

And data back us up. Nielsen report that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising and 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.

Experiential Activation Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors

As we value this face-to-face communication, we have seen the role of the brand ambassador and promotional staffing agency grow. Brands are spending significant amounts for their products and services to be easily explained to target audiences in places like shopping centres and town centres.

Furthermore, the brands making these seismic investments are the ones that are not actually selling anything! Well actually, they are selling something, their stories. Their brand stories. Their raison d’être. The features and benefits of their kit that will lodge itself into your brand memory. They are in the loyalty game, not the quick fix purchase game.

Modern Marketing Evolution in 2020 and beyond

Take the re-use of existing House of Fraser stores as an example. Billionaire firm Diageo are planning a flagship visitor centre dedicated to Johnnie Walker whisky in the former House of Fraser store on Edinburgh’s Princes Street. This will complement their already successful Guinness brewery in Dublin. Other House of Fraser stores are also undergoing reinventions either becoming overpriced Food & Beverage markets or experiential havens for brands embracing change like Dyson, Tesla, Microsoft, VANS and Lexus.

Promotional Brand Communication – Industry Trained Staff Handpicked

So, how do these brands do it, how do they communicate? An often-overlooked part of their communication cycle is the people. It’s the promotional people that are making these experiences live or die, as they are the ones communicating brand messages and explaining how the tech actually works.

The emphasis for retail moving forward has to have a PEOPLE FIRST focus.

This is not a new phenomenon. We can absolutely learn from the past to inform the future of retail.

Importance of Brand Awareness vs the old fashioned Price Point

When life was relativity simple (without smartphones and Amazon), people wanted good quality products at a good price. Marks & Spencer started out life as the 19th-century equivalent of a pound shop in the north of England.

Creating Memorable Experiences Designed To Encourage Brand Gossip

But then over time experiences started to rule. After all, isn’t shopping just about emotions and sociability word of mouth, conviviality, theatrics of retail, emotions and deeper meaning?

In 1906, Harry Gordon Selfridge arrived in London from Chicago with his heart set on opening his dream store. With his revolutionary understanding of publicity and the theatre of retail, Selfridges flourished.

Harry Gordon Selfridge said, ‘We promise to surprise, amaze and amuse its customers by delivering extraordinary customer experiences.’

Then it started to go horribly wrong – because of margins and competition, brands got so caught up with price and promotions they forgot about the experiences. Fast forward 100 years, BHS, ToysRus, Maplin and Austin Reed went into administration amongst other juggernauts.

So, we are seeing brands and retail environments going back to basics with great people and great communication. We call them Experience Engineers™ and our rigerous selection process involves a tailored Bootcamp training bespoke to your brand.

Surprise, Amaze and Amuse with Experience Engineers™

Tell us your ideas and concept, brand priorities and the style of message you wish to convey. We’ll nail down the exact approach that will execute perfectly in public. You’ll benefit from unique, fully equipped individuals who mingle with your potential clients in a lively and engaging manner.

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