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We are a Promotional staffing agency based in London and Leeds. We use our promotional people to help brands and businesses integrate their campaigns and communicate often complex messages with consumers and stakeholders.

We call our people Experience Engineers™. We create and deliver events, promotions, launches, workshops and stunts in many environments including shopping centres and conferences.

Hire Experiential  And Activation Promotional Staff

Looking for brand ambassadors? Call our team on 02034 883 248 or send a message via our Contact Form to arrange a meeting in our Leeds or London office.

Recruitment Application for Promotional Staffing UK Nationwide

Candidates – Apply for our famous Experience Engine Bootcamp and begin your journey today.

Our pre-trained pool of 1,200 international Experience Engineers™ exist to do two things.


We understand how to make places successful through experiences.


We deliver experiences that make technologies tangible, more humanised and accessible.

Experience Engineers™

We call our promotional people Experience Engineers™, because they are hands-on, energetic and have been recruited and selected against a strict criteria in our training bootcamp sessions which are held in secret and iconic locations. They won’t be working with you unless they have a genuine interest in your message.

Through a mix of careful selection, robust training and prompt payment, we’ve recruited a network of 1,200 energetic Experience Engineers™ working in all major EU cities.

Our Story

The perception of promotional staffing agencies and the reality are very different.  Our ‘people first’ mindset is not new, others say they do it, but we have embedded it into the heart of everything we do. We’ve explored how we can innovate in this area with automation but also how we can ensure promotional people are treated fairly and well remunerated.

Our bold move to specialise in two sectors, Tech and Place, has been hugely successful. We feel that innovative clients want experts and not generalists, so we have engineered all of our processes and beliefs around the sectors that our clients operate in.

Our Work

Here are a few examples of our recent work, for more Tech related case studies click here and more Place case studies can be found here.

Our Clients